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Below you will find answers to some of the commonly asked questions about our Home Based Business Insurance Program. If you have a question that is not covered, please contact us. We are here to serve you, as part of our commitment to participate in the planned growth of you company by providing the best possible total insurance program.

Yes. The Limit of Insurance for business personal property must equal 100% of the replacement value.
The amount of business personal property cannot exceed $100,000.
Yes. Business personal property off-premise coverage is automatically included in the coverage. Coverage applies to covered property other than money & securities, while it is in the course of transit or temporarily stored at a premise you do not own, lease or operate.
No. Although recommended, we no longer require dead-bolt locks.
Yes. The Liability coverage is not limited to occurrences that take place at home, but is in fact world wide coverage.
Annual revenue is the gross annual income, before taxes, but not including expenses.
The limit of insurance for Business Personal Property will automatically increase 25% to provide seasonal variations, if the BPP amount is at least 100% of the average monthly values.
The policy conditions state that we may examine and audit the insured's books at any time during the policy period and up to three years afterward.
Yes. A business operated out of the garage including a detached garage or building, is eligible if located within 100 feet of the insured's dwelling.
No. Professional Liability is EXCLUDED.
No. Business Income coverage is included in the policy.
The amount of coverage is the actual loss of business income you sustain during the period of restoration, up to a maximum of one year.
Money & Securities coverage is not part of the base policy, but is available by purchasing the optional coverage.
Yes, if: a) you own or rent a second home, b) are a partnership and each partner works from ther own home, c) if it's a storage unit (max size 250 sq ft), d) any "outbuilding" located on your premises but is more than 100 ft away frm your home (any size).
Yes, in the case of a partnership, or other family member that resides in the household.
The ISO Business Owners Policy Coverage form BP0003 and Liability form BP0006.
Yes. Theft coverage is included, except for mysterious disappearance, which is excluded.
No. Coverage is intended for business personal property and business pursuits only. A homeowners or renters policy is still needed for the dwelling and/or tenants personal property.
No. The only deductible offered is $250.
Antiques and art are valued on an ACV basis versus a Replacement Cost basis. If a loss occurs, the business personal property would be depreciated for age and condition and would require an appraisal from a professional expert in that particular field.
We do not want foreign products exposures because if the product is manufactured in a foreign country, we are unable to subrogate against the manufacturer should a loss occur. Therefore, our policy is unintentionally picking up the product exposure on all foreign products.
This product is targeted for retail and service risks operated from the insured's residence which present minimal product liability, professional liability and/or off-premise liability exposures. A complete list of eligible businesses are listed under "Eligible Businesses".

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